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UX & UI Design

Project Overview

CropSwap offers an innovative solution to address the inefficiencies of the current food industry. Our farm-to-phone marketplace serves as a bridge, connecting consumers and businesses with a wide range of locally sourced, sustainable produce from farmers in the area.

When you choose to buy through CropSwap, you are not only gaining access to a diverse selection of products, but you are also supporting your local economy. By purchasing directly from farms on our platform, your hard-earned dollars circulate within the community, contributing to its growth and sustainability.

Animated Prototype

Initial Version

CropSwap revolutionizes the inefficient food industry by providing a sustainable farm-to-phone marketplace. Through our platform, consumers and businesses can connect directly with local farmers, accessing a wide selection of high-quality produce.

With the advanced data and technology offered by CropSwap, farmers can optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

By eliminating the need for middlemen, CropSwap empowers farms to take control, resulting in more job opportunities within your community.

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