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UX & UI Design

Project Overview

The goal was to develop a functional prototype for the 4 Acty App, a digital tool designed to improve user health. With a user-centric approach, the emphasis was on enhancing the training experience. By actively engaging in each 4 ACTY session, users would progressively feel better and experience a heightened sense of well-being.

Animated Prototype


The exercise routines are meticulously crafted to enhance physical fitness across three progressive levels: HEALTHY, GLADIATOR, and INVINCIBLE. These levels serve as milestones that help you achieve your specific goals.

By engaging in the 4 Acty program, you will effectively strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments while enhancing flexibility and motor coordination through harmonious movements. This comprehensive approach aims to improve fundamental motor qualities and contribute to overall physical well-being.


Following the ideation phase and user testing, we proceeded to prototype our solutions and conducted subsequent rounds of testing. To effectively communicate our ideas, we developed high-fidelity prototypes that accurately portrayed our proposed solutions.